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Michelle Horton

Crew Chief

As a first-time Crew member, why not be Crew Chief? I'm excited to take it on!

Originally from St. Louis, Edwards, Colorado has been my full-time home since 2015.  I am the wife of High Rollers racer Jamie Horton and mother of our two teenagers  I enjoy skiing, hiking, and biking in addition to my full-time work as a Wealth Advisor.  I'm looking forward to the RAAM adventure. Let's go High Rollers!

Jeff Root

Team Mechanic/Psychologist

In real life I'm neither of these things, but RAA is a chance to step outside your normal self.

Mike Tropea

 Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Teammate, and Friend

I have been well-supported by others whenever I set out on an adventure.  Now it's my turn to support and was honored to be asked by Ian. Keep Moving Forward! Go RAAM High Rollers!

Peggy Loyal
Crew Member/Friend/Positive Force

I've followed a few of these cyclists around before, and I look forward to doing it again.  I'll be ready with the cooler, some icy hot and loads of encouragement!

Other Team Members:

Amy Kisielica

Eric Jordan

Eli Gutstadt